Mr. Smith is a native of Boise, Idaho. Upon graduating from law school, Mr. Smith joined the Morrison-Knudsen Company as a corporate attorney. From the Boise headquarters of Morrison-Knudsen, Mr. Smith advised the corporation on legal issues arising from performing large scale engineering and construction projects throughout the world. In 1962, Mr. Smith was appointed Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Morrison-Knudsen. He served in that capacity until 1968.

Mr. Smith maintains an active practice in corporate and business matters, real estate transactions and estate planning. His practice includes advising and counseling corporations, businesses and individuals in those areas. Mr. Smith also directs and supervises the Boise office's involvement in this practice area.

Mr. Smith is a member of the Idaho bar and state and local bar associations. Mr. Smith also is involved in Idaho Episcopal Diocese, for which he served as Chancellor from 1973 to 1980. Mr. Smith is also a proud member of the University of Idaho Alumni Association. Mr. Smith practices in the Boise office.